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splash Let's take a moment to remember the power of collective imagination! A workshop isn't a lecture - and it doesn't end with a quiz. A workshop is a precious chance to imagine together, dream together, reflect together. My workshops offer music, stories, a light touch of history, and guided discussion. I'm always happy to adjust the workshop for the time you have available and the size of your group.
Workshop Topics

Re-Storying the People of God
We are part of a culture that prizes control and consumerism and places its faith in management and technology. This is part of what we bring when we come into the church - the beloved community. Can stories set us free? Disrupt our expectations? Help us hear each other again? This workshop was first presented to the Fresh Start group of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis in October of 2010.
Here's a page of links related to this workshop: Re-Storying Resources

Creating A Storied Easter Vigil
Rejoice and sing now, all the round earth! Stories are central to the meaning, power, and consolation of the Easter Vigil. The ninety-minute version of this workshop goes over the structure of the liturgy and considers presentation of its stories and its physical expressiveness. With more time, the workshop can include individual coaching of readers and reviewing music ideas.

How To Learn and Tell A Bible Story
Telling a Bible story, like telling a family story, has not so much to do with memorization and everything to do with love, remembrance, and heart. This ninety-minute workshop works best with eight to twenty people. Participants will go home ready to share a story from the Gospels.

Individual Coaching
I love to coach! If you'd like to be a better storyteller, I'd be delighted to have a coaching session with you. Possible topics include story choice, how to develop an oral presentation from a written text, vocal production, and resources for further study.

Some workshop venues - the Network of Biblical Storytellers Festival Gatherings (2006, 2008), the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis Under One Roof Gathering (2007, 2009, 2011), First Christian Church (Disciples), Bloomington, Indiana (2007) and the Indiana-Kentucky ELCA Women's Gathering (2007).

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is via email: narthex @ baba-yaga.org