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splash Back in the 1950's, three little girls - cousins - played together every summer on a gravel beach by a Maine lake. With towels for costumes and an old shed as all-purpose scenery, their imaginations took them from Bethlehem to Oz to Hollywood and all points in between.

The oldest cousin grew up to be a beloved pastor and preacher. The middle cousin became a wise and transformational teacher. But the youngest cousin never put down the stories. That was me - and I kept right on gathering them, learning them, walking in them, tending them, and learning to share them.

About Pamela

My tellings, workshops, and quiet days draw on my lifelong love of story, folklore, and music, especially the sacred writings of the world's faiths. I believe that people express and experience their connectedness to others through stories - so hearing stories, learning stories and telling stories are actions that repair the damaged fabric of our world.

photo of Pamela
Partial Life List of Job Titles, Paid and Volunteer
  • Sunday School teacher (40 years or so)
  • Library Volunteer
  • Solar Photographer
  • Quality Control Inspector #252
  • Recreation Therapist
  • Help Desk Computer Programmer
  • Technical Writer
  • Convenor, Worship Committee (15 years or so)
  • Copy Editor
  • President, Parent Council
  • Editor
  • Assistant Den Leader
  • Web Designer
  • Grandmother
  • Storyteller
  • Network of Biblical Storytellers
  • FORMA / National Association of Episcopal Christian Education Directors
  • Saint Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bloomington, Indiana
  • Music That Makes Community
The Smiths appreciate that Saint Thomas ELCA Church has welcomed us as associate members, which lets us keep our membership in The Episcopal Church. Life at the intersection of two great faith traditons is exciting!

I'm a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and have a master's degree in administration from the University of California at Riverside. My formation as a storyteller includes many workshops and coaching sessions as well as ongoing reading in folklore, literature, and critical Biblical studies. I've completed a year-long program of study and mentoring offered by the Network of Biblical Storytellers.

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is via email: narthex @ baba-yaga.org