This is a collection of resources for participants on Pamela's workshop on Re-Storying the People of God, first offered for the Fresh Start program of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis in October 2010.

About the Enlightenment -

Archbishop Rowan Williams' Address to the Royal Society on the Enlightenment

The Rev'd Canon Giles Fraser's comments on the Address in Church Times

Storytelling organizations and resources

The Network of Biblical Storytellers, International

The Healing Story Alliance


Gretchen Wolff Pritchard's Beulah Enterprises

Karen Chace's compendium of storytelling links

Age-appropriate storyteling at Solomon's Porch. As I understand it, they work on one story a month, and the children encounter the story four times. There's a pair of teachers who lead the basic story, a group of teachers who lead acting out/music around the story, a pair of teachers who lead crafts related to the story, and a pair of teachers who lead lead a small service project around the story.

Getting people together to listen to one another-

Margaret Wheatley's website

Debbie Asberry has recommended Seeing Things Whole

The Shalem Institute - thanks, Rebecca!

About storytelling's possibilities for changing situations -

A Storied Career

The Transformational Language Arts Network

Some interesting sites at the intersection of narrative and exegesis

James Alison's site

Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary

Hans Frei, an unpublished lecture - On Interpreting the Christian Story

Walter Brueggemann on Biblical Authority and on Counterscript: Living with the Elusive God

In our neighborhood!

Mike Mather's narrative leadership at Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis

Wonderful biblical storytelling projects at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Indianapolis

Oops! Jackson Kemper is indeed on the calendar of saints. Kindly forgive my whining about his omission. Some of his personal papers have been made available online by the Canterbury Project.

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